The Status Quo
Most B2B buyers are not convinced that the products offered by comparable suppliers significantly differ. Therefore, for most customers, the most logical step is to locate and purchase the lowest priced option.

The Alternative

Create Distinction

1. Distinctive brands can charge a premium.

Only 14% of customers perceive a real difference between supplier's offerings. These customers are willing to pay more for the perceived value. The other 76% are principally motivated to lower prices.*

* CEB Whitepaper (Opens in new tab)

2. Brand Distinction is Your Strongest Marketing Asset

  • There are many car manufacturers, but Volvo owns safe cars.
  • There are many retailers, but Walmart owns low cost retailing.
  • There are many beverage companies, but Gatorade owns sports drinks.

We believe that a company's ability to distinguish themselves around a single attribute or idea is perhaps the single most effective way to build a brand and secure a company's future.

3. Distinctive Brands Drive Corporate Value

“Brands account for more than 30% of the stock market value of companies in the S&P 500 index.”

The Economist
What are brands for? (2014)

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